Wan Yaolu was inspired by watching "Under One Man" animation. At the beginning of 2020, I was closed at home for a month due to the epidemic. When I saw the rise, I wanted to check the knowledge of ancient Chinese monsters. I found that there are few such specialized websites on the Internet. So I built one on a whim and thought about a lot of names, but I couldn't find a suitable domain name. I grabbed the domain name from Juming.com. After checking, the original owner gave up the registration in 2015 at the beginning of 2020. I bought this domain name at the end of April 2020. Not long after I bought it, I found a mobile game called Wan Yaolu appeared on the Internet... and it crashed. After thinking about it, I am not considered a famous brand. After all, my website was launched a few days earlier than this game. Now that the name has been thought out, I have to bite the bullet.

Regarding the classification of monsters, to be honest, they are classified based on my own subjective consciousness. The approximate classification criteria are in each small classification introduction. The current plan is to first fill the website with the monsters and ghosts in ancient books and existing books, and then start looking for resources from the current hot animation to fill the website content.

After all, our imagination is not worse than that of the ancients. So in addition to the ones that have appeared in books and animations, I plan to add some imaginary monsters in the future, such as monsters in the electronic world, and artificial intelligence. Monsters and ghosts. After all, social technology is developing and people's thinking is also changing. How can the type of ghost stories not change?


A post-80s