Monkey Light

This is a story about revenge. Someone’s grievances turned into a strange little monkey, who finally succeeded in revenge against his enemy in a strange way.

There is an official surnamed Xue who once served as a provincial governor in Hunan, and returned to the capital after resignation. Xue Lao is strict in managing the house, and he has to walk around his house on crutches every morning and evening before he is relieved.

One morning, Xue Lao wandered around again. When he passed the kitchen, he suddenly found that there was a light beating in the stove of the kitchen stove. "Don't turn off the light in broad daylight, but put the light in the stove, what do you do!" When he walked to the stove angrily and was about to take out the light by himself, he found that there was actually a six or seven inches in the stove squatting in the stove. In front of the macaque, there is a plate about a square foot in front of the macaque. All kinds of snacks in the plate are all suitable, but they are very small and sturdy. In front of the plate, there is also a lamp. The macaque sits opposite the lamp. From time to time, take the food from the plate.

Seeing this, Xue Lao was horrified, and quickly raised his crutches to stretch out the stove to stab the macaque. However, the stove was clearly shallow, but Xue Lao stretched out the whole crutches and still couldn't reach it. Xue Lao tossed for a long time and was so tired that he was out of breath, so he had to call all his wife and servants and let them find a way together, but a large group of people crowded in the kitchen for a long time and couldn't come up with any ideas.

After a while, the macaque suddenly put the lamp on the plate, then put the plate on his head, and then jumped out of the stove unexpectedly, walked like a human, and came to the steps of the front hall. Put down the plate and the lamp, and eat without anyone else.

Old Xue wanted to get someone to catch the macaque, but he was afraid of causing some disaster, so he asked his son to find a Taoist priest to cure it. The son took his life. He just left the house and didn’t take a few steps. He met a Taoist riding a donkey and said to him: “Langjun looks so hurried, something must have happened at home? I just passed by this house. I can see that the evil spirit is so high, and the poor Dao practiced Taoism all his life. It is nothing more than to save people in danger. If Lang Jun's family really has a monster, let the poor Dao go to subdue!" Xue Zi was overjoyed after hearing this, and quickly dismounted and thanked the Taoist priest. , Please go home. Mr. Xue personally greeted the Taoist priest and led the Taoist priest to see the monkey. The group of people arrived in front of the hall, and the monkey sitting on the steps saw the Taoist priest, but he was still a little bit) L was not afraid, and bowed his head to pick up the food on the plate as usual. The Taoist thought for a moment, and to Xue Lao Dao, this is the envoy

The grievances that have been forged in the past have been transformed, and those who came today are not good. If you can’t find a way to get rid of it, it will be misfortune. "Lao Xue and his wife were crying and begging the Taoist priest to find a way.

The Taoist hurriedly said: "Since the poor Dao is lucky enough to meet the envoy, naturally he will not stand by. It is just that this monster must make the envoy suffer some humiliation before he is willing to dispel his grievances." As long as Mr. Xue is safe and sound, he will suffer a little humiliation. What kind of! The Taoist nodded and said: "This monkey is going to bring a plate and a lamp to the top of your head to eat. If you can endure it for a while, the monster will naturally leave after it gets his wish. "

After hearing this, Mr. Xue, although hesitated, he didn't dare to refuse. He didn't want his wife and children to hear that the macaque had to get up to the head before leaving. They all cried and said, "That's a monster, how can I let it stay on top Go up, I hope that the master will think of individual ideas again!" The Taoist frowned and said: "Otherwise, let the macaques put the plate on the head of the king for a while, and then take the plate and let the macaques eat. Is this okay? "Old Xue's wife and children still disagree. The Taoist priest said helplessly: "This can't be done, then I can't help it."

Xue Lao begged for a long time before the Taoist priest said in embarrassment, "Can you have furniture such as cabinets in your house? You can cobalt the cobalt in there, and then let the macaque sit on the cabinet to eat, so it is always okay?" Thinking about it, it makes sense, so I agreed.

Not long after, the servant moved a large cabinet, and then laid a cushion in it. When Xue Lao cobalt got inside, the servant stepped forward and closed the cabinet door again. As soon as the servant closed the door and walked away, the macaque ran over with a plate on his head, carrying a lamp in his hand, lightly jumped onto the cabinet, put the plate in it, and ate. Old Xue's family watched, worried.

After a while, someone suddenly shouted: "Where is the Taoist priest?!" People noticed that the Taoist priest had disappeared for some time. As they were looking around, the macaque on the cabinet and its plate lamp lamp suddenly disappeared. The family was shocked, and quickly knocked the cabinet off, only to find that Xue Lao in the cabinet had disappeared out of thin air.

The family searched for many days, but there was no clue at all. In the end, they could only find a wizard to call the spirits from all directions through the cabinet, and the cabinet was buried in the tomb as Old Xue.

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