Money laundering

There is a place in Kamakura that is called a paradise called Qianlai Benten.

To be precise, it is the Ugafuku Shrine of Kansai Benzaitian. The shrine is surrounded by cliffs, and you have to go through a cave to get here. It can be described as a real paradise.

There is a cave in the courtyard of the shrine, and water is gurgling in the cave. It is said that if you use the clean water here to launder money, you will make a fortune, hence the name "Money Laundering Bentian".

The fate of people is incredible, especially when it comes to wealth. Some people will make big windfalls, while others will lose money for no reason. It is a world of difference.

Wealth is not something that can be explained by reason.

Qian Laundering Bentian cleverly captured people's psychology. Regardless of stocks or cash, as long as the water is soaked in here, it will grow threefold or fivefold, and there is an endless stream of good men and women who come to worship.

When I went to worship, I was stunned by the fragrance and smoke of burning incense. It seems that the water here is amazing.

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