Tian County Shrine

The genital worship of the Japanese has a long history, and there are places to worship this kind of thing everywhere in the country.

In Tono City, Iwate Prefecture, a stone phallus is worshipped, which is called the "Golden Spirit." There is a shrine called "Kine Shrine" in Oyama Town, Tottori Prefecture, which enshrines a wooden phallus.

The reason why people worship the penis is to pray for harmony between husband and wife and full of descendants.

When I went to the Tianxian Shrine in Aichi Prefecture, I was shocked. The shrine was enshrined with a huge penis. People sacrificed to different forms of phallus, some were carved out of wood or stone, and some were painted with penis.

Since ancient times, people have believed that phallic possesses "spiritual power" and is the driving force for childbirth, so it has been worshipped. Having said that, I remembered one thing. A female driver who took me to the neighborhood once told me a strange thing: that there was a strange tree in the middle of the road. If anyone cuts down this tree, it will die. Up to now, three people have died, and the tree still grows in the middle of the road. I thought that tree had a special power. After I touched it, I found out that it was just an ordinary tree.

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