Bao Fu Zhu

The Keelyu Temple on the outskirts of Aizuwakamatsu enshrines an ancient statue of Avalokitesvara with a large pillar next to it.

This pillar is called "Baofu Zhu". If someone hugged this pillar, they would go to Paradise without pain like a dead leaf. From ancient times to the present, many old people have come here to hug it, and the pillars have been polished to black and shiny.

Combs are hung around the pillars. It is said that by doing so, they can give all their pain to Guanyin. Huilong Temple also enshrines women's hair with spirits, which made me stunned.

Looking at this shiny black pillar that has been in existence for thousands of years, I seem to feel something invisible to the naked eye. Although invisible, it is full of an incredible "qi".

Being able to go to Paradise without pain is something that many people dream of.

Therefore, there are also some monasteries called "Gabang Temple". After visiting the temple, people can rush to the Paradise of Elysium without any pain. The incense in these temples is very strong.

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