By god

The Ainu people once circulated such a saying that all people are attached to the gods. Because the possessed person depends on the god, the personality of the person will be different. Ping-gods are all kinds of deities who take care of themselves when a person is born, including snakes, bears, weasels, bats, and bees.

Relying on God is divided into congenital possessed by God and acquired by God. Both protect and harm people.


Sometimes there are a few people who are born with God, the more the number, the greater the human ability. At the same time, Ping Shen can also function as a patron saint.

In addition, among the acquired gods, there are those that protect people, such as the bear god, and those that are harmful, such as "Kechunpu".

In the Hidakasha Liuchuan area, in order to keep fit, some frail and sickly women will ask people to do something to let themselves be possessed by snakes.

In the practice, the old man made a snake shape with a rope tied to his luggage or half-cut wicker, prayed to the god of fire, and then came to the chaff field where people discarded the chaff, and received the soul from the patron saint, the snake. Then put it on the shoulders of the sick and weak, as a method to drive away evil spirits. After that, the evil spirits that damage people's health will be driven away by the snake gods, and the snake gods become attached to people by gods.

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