Time God

In Kagoshima Prefecture and the southern part of Kumamoto Prefecture, people hold events called "time". When an infectious disease breaks out or a fire breaks out, villagers will gather together to hold such activities.

People will also hold this kind of activity at a fixed time, such as once a month, once or twice a year. All the villagers will stop working to make rice balls or rice cakes and have a meal together. This kind of activity is also called "time ".

In Nannogo and Takada, in the town of Sueyoshi, Kagoshima Prefecture (today's original city), people would hold a "time" on April 3rd of the lunar calendar, putting rice cakes in straw bags and then putting them on Chopsticks, hanging at the entrance of the village.

The reason why people do this is to worship the god of time. Shishen is a bird that can predict good and bad luck.

There was a man who was washed away by the flood because he ignored the prophecy made by God.

So, what exactly is Time God? Sueyoshi Town regards the crow as the god of time, but the crow is usually regarded as the messenger of the mountain god.

The so-called "time" refers to a sacrificial ritual. Therefore, although there is a saying of "time god", this kind of god does not actually exist.

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