Su Dong

Sui Dong is the god of the year. The people of Nishinoshima in Kagoshima Prefecture think Suido is an alias for the god of the moon. Sui Dong lives in Heaven on weekdays.

In Sensenoura, Shimizeng Island, people think that Suidong will ride a headless horse on New Year’s Eve, jingling bells, and descend on a nearby mountain and come to the world. Sui Dong's nose is like a tengu, and he looks like an old man with white hair.

On Xiazheng Island, Suidong still appears on New Year's Eve. Of course, this is a sacrificial activity. People with children in the family will greet people dressed as Suidong in advance, and ask them to wear masks and robes like tengu, hair made of palm or cycad leaves, and come to the house at night.

Sui Dong would go to the house, punish bad children, ask them to make corrections, give the children a "year-old cake", and then go back. People believe that accepting the new year cake means that the child has grown up one year old. If it is not accepted, the age will not increase. The New Year's cake is the New Year's money.

As mentioned earlier, Sui Dong will ride a headless horse to the world on New Year’s Eve. In Tokushima Prefecture, there is a kind of monster called "Nightwalker" that also appears in the same way. Perhaps, Nightwalker is what it looks like after Sui Dong's fall.

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