Raw stripping

"Sashimi" is a very famous ritual activity in Akita Prefecture, but few people know its origin. The locals regard it as a solemn ceremony. Every year on the night of the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the simple and kind-hearted youths in the village put on a terrible mask and call out from house to house while yelling.

They would wear a kind of "Kai Lamy" clothing, put a large wooden knife and a few small knives in the box, and shook them "crashing".

In addition, there is a fixed lyrics when "Born Stripping":

"Is the fire spot peeled? It's peeled."

"Has the kitchen knife been sharpened?"

"Have the adzuki beans been cooked?"

Using a knife to peel off the fire spots (a kind of spot produced by burning a fire for a long time), and then dipped in the cooked adzuki beans to eat, this is completely intimidating. In other words, ghosts will peel off the skins of those slackers who stay motionless throughout the winter and focus on the fire every day, and then eat them.

It is said that Oga City in Akita Prefecture will be divided into three groups. The first group will come from Oga’s main mountain; the second group will come from Taiping Mountain; and the third group will come through the ice of Hachirokata.

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