A long time ago, I visited Banpington in Miyazaki Prefecture. However, it seems to be half human and half god. It took me a lot of effort to find the half-flat stone Buddha, where I saw the peculiar Tianshen, who looked like a lucky god.

Banpington is a kind of god similar to a funny monster, with only one fish in front of him.

The villagers talked and laughed happily, and the half-pacing seemed to be related to this "calm" atmosphere.

We must not underestimate folk beliefs. I think folk beliefs contain various unsolved mysteries.

There are many folk gods in Kyushu, and Banpington is one of them, which is very cute and interesting.

Like Oita's "Yoshi 46" and Kumamoto's "Hikoichi", Banpington is also famous as the protagonist of a well-known wisdom story in Miyazaki Prefecture.

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