The god of yin in Hirakata

During the reign of Emperor Oishin (270~310), a god of the gods of unidentified gods appeared on the Kamio mountain in the Izumo Hirakata countryside (today, in the area of Sauoka square, Taishi Town, Ibo-gun, Ibo-gun, Hon Hyogo Prefecture), killing passing pedestrians. Kill five out of ten and three out of five.

This god is a goddess, and I do not know when Izumo people began to worship this god. Yuyin God is violent and self-willed. Travelers passing by here are very scared.

At that time, Obo 3 from Hoki Country (today's Tottori Prefecture), Bujuku from Inaba Country (today's Tottori Prefecture), and Toki from Izumo Country (today's Shimane Prefecture) were three people. Very distressed, he reported the matter to the government truthfully.

The government immediately sent Nukadabe and others to pray to the evil god.

They built a palace for the gods in Yagata, and a wine house on Mount Sasa, used to brew sacred wine for worshipping the gods and worship the god Yuyin.

Soon, one group of people followed the stream, and another group of people cast a spell, finally suppressing the god of Yuyin. Because of the suppression of the Yuyin God, the nearby river was later called the "Yanchuan".

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