Venerable Bin Head

This god is also called "Bin Head God" or "Foot Buddha" and so on. Many people believe that if a certain part of the body is troubled by a disease, touching the same part of the god, the disease can be cured.

In Ximing Temple in Mashiko Town, Haga County, Tochigi Prefecture, two head gods are enshrined, and each of the gods is covered with hairpins for combing their hair.

This may be the result of the petitioner using a card instead of stroking.

In the West, there is a similar "foddling". Because of being touched all the year round, the feet of a statue of the Virgin Mary have become very smooth.

The head god Bin-head of Renxin Temple in Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture was also rubbed so smoothly, and then painted again.

Bin Head God was originally a disciple of Sakyamuni. He was once one of the sixteen arhats. He had great magical powers. However, because he liked to show his magical powers, he was reprimanded by Sakyamuni and was not allowed to Nirvana.

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