There is a story in Shiba County, Iwate Prefecture:

Two men who met at the hotel learned that their wives were about to give birth.

One of them said: "If my wife gave birth to a boy and your wife gave birth to a girl, they will marry when they grow up." The other also agreed. When the two returned home, one of them gave birth to a boy and the other was a girl. When the two children grew up, they married according to their father's agreement.

The woman was born with a lucky star, so the family's wealth is prosperous, and more people come in and out. The man didn’t like this. An old man gave him an idea:

"You get up tomorrow morning and shoot an arrow made of mugwort at the roof of the warehouse with a crystal bow."

So, the man prepared his bow and arrows, and came to the warehouse the next morning. He saw a little old man sitting on the roof, waving in all directions. The man shot an arrow without hesitation. Not long after, his wife walked into the warehouse, and the old man also appeared inside, saying:

"I am the god of blessing. Because I was hit by an arrow, I had to leave here." After speaking, he left. Later, their family was impoverished and his wife ran away.

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