Bose is a kind of elves in the legends of the Tugala Islands and Eshishima in Kagoshima Prefecture.

It will appear on the 16th of July, the end of Obon.

All the young men who play Boss, they wear masks and palm leaves.

Although these are all handmade, for some reason, young people must not be seen by women and children while they are dressed up as Posses.

In the square near the cemetery known as "Tara", after the Bon dance was over, Bosse would come on stage with a one-meter long stick known as "Posemara" to chase or frighten women and children.

"Posemara" is stained with red muddy water on one end, which has the effect of driving away evil spirits. It is said that when a woman gets pregnant with red muddy water, it does not seem to be a simple scare.

In the past, the legend of Bose was also circulated on the Nakanoshima Island in the Tukara Archipelago. But now, only the Evil Rock Island can still hear related legends.

Activities like this kind of worship to visiting gods seem to be found on all the southern islands, such as the sacrifice rituals of Akita's "Shoal" and Hokuriku's "Cocoon Peeling Monster".

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