Moo Temple

This kind of god is a kind of "bull god" that people believed before they believed in Tianshen.

In Kaseda City on the Satsuma Peninsula (today Bennan Satsuma City), on the old calendar October when rice is harvested, people worship a bull god called "Moo Mooden."

During the sacrificial ceremony, people would erect a bundle of straw in the paddy field. The children circled around the straw and sang "Moo, good dry field, good paddy field, plant one liter, hit 13 bags". They also had a rice cake similar to beef tongue in their mouths, and they pulled each other.

It is said that this is a sacrificial activity to celebrate a good harvest and pray for success in the coming year. "Moo" refers to the sound of a cow. SP, the children became bull gods.

It is said that in the middle of the night of that day, some areas will also hold an event called "Choushisan" to worship the Tianshen.

The god of cows is worshipped everywhere in Kyushu. The god of cows worshipped at Gori-cho in Gowa Town, Amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture, will go to Kushido in the dead of night and make a sound of "rustling". If someone hears this sound, someone will die or have a fire the next day. In this way, the bull god will inform people of the imminent disaster.

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