Altar of Doom

I have been to Kiyotaki Temple in Tosa City, Kochi Prefecture, one of the eighty-eight temples in Shikoku. A mysterious stone was placed there, giving people a strange feeling. On the stone stood a huge Buddha statue, and a strange old woman stood beside it.

The old woman asked me to pay one hundred yen, and I gave it to her. She led me into a secret passage. -The cave was dark. After walking for a while, I saw a Buddha statue through the dim light. As I was looking closely, someone suddenly stroked my back. I looked back and found that it was the old woman just now. She stroked my back with her hands from top to bottom. I thought it was a little strange. The old woman stopped and said, "This way the bad luck will be driven away."

The old woman told me where the exit was, and I hurried out.

At that time, not many people came here to worship, which made me feel terrible. After coming out of the exit, the old woman stood in the place just now casually, waiting for the next tourist.

I always felt that the old woman was a monster, so I watched it carefully for a while. Although nothing happened, I had a mysterious feeling, and then I went down the mountain.

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