Six great gods

This story is related to the six great gods in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture.

Once, the villagers expanded the stage in the shrine while preparing for the sacrifice ceremony. At that time, someone used a commode to bring water and mud, and then wiped it on the wall, but no one noticed.

On the day the stage was expanded, a group of young people rehearsed and danced on it. From that night, weird things happened again and again. There are often some big cotton or fireballs rolling on the stage.

The villagers felt a bit weird, so they started talking. As a result, it was known to everyone that someone used the toilet during construction.

In the middle of the third day, when the villagers gathered together to discuss, there suddenly sounded loud noises in the area of Liusuo Mountain. With Yang Tong in his right hand and a large candle in his left, a giant over three meters tall suddenly appeared in front of the villagers. The giant stared at them angrily.

It is said that this giant is the six great gods, and the villagers who were afraid of its troubles sincerely apologized. Generally speaking, the anger of gods is expressed in the form of haunting, but the six great gods appear directly, which shows how angry it is.

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